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Uncommon Apartments
   University of Oregon

SpeedCast Connect is a leading service provider of bulk digital TV & internet services to student housing, senior housing and hospitality in the western U.S.  With a strong emphasis on customizing the best packages for its clients, SpeedCast Connect backs it up with top notch service, and first-class on-site support.

SpeedCast Connect is focussed on building fiber and cable networks for each community it serves.  With over fifteen years in the MDU industry, SpeedCast Connect has succeeded by delivering highly competitive cable and internet packages geared to each MDU community.

SpeedCast Connect is lead by industry veteran David Erkman, who has built SpeedCast Connect as a leader in this market through innovation, product quality, and client service.


"Speed" in SpeedCast Connect stands for:  

- response time

- service delivery

- internet performance



SpeedCast Connect manages the entire process:

- due diligence​

- construction budgeting/planning

- engineering/project management

- installation

- launch planning/support

- customer care/tech support

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